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Getting the Balance Right….

When combining any work and life scenarios – getting the balance right is paramount. As defined in the Oxford Dictionary balance is ”a situation in which different elements are equal or are in correct proportions.”

As both a former policeman and a senior corporate leader I know that for many years I didn’t get the balance right – nowhere near it. Arriving home at silly hours and having your kids look at you as if you’re a stranger is not getting the balance right. It is no different for the small business owner. To keep costs down and productivity at optimum levels – most of us either try to do too much or just throw money at an issue to get it resolved with minimal fuss and impact on our customer base. Before you know it you are absolutely swamped and can find yourself cut adrift so much that both your work and life preferences become a real burden to deal with. It isn’t always about bringing in relevant knowledge and experience to ensure that you are keeping your business ahead of the curve – there is an associated cost and return on that to consider. It is however about having a clear vision of what you want to achieve in both your business and personal life – family considerations are so important in this regard – and then going through a process of planning and setting goals that are realistic, achievable and deliver the returns that your business and strategic plans predict. Referring back to the Oxford Dictionary – you need to get all elements equal or in correct proportions.

Striking the correct balance isn’t easy – in my experience only around 5 in 10 get it just about right. Key to getting things balanced is efficiency, effectiveness, self-motivation…..the list is lengthy.

One of the fundamental cogs in the process is knowing when to ask for help. For so many of us – that almost amounts to an admission that we don’t quite know what we are doing. No it doesn’t!!! It could however be an indicator that you aren’t coping with what you have set out to achieve and that an external perspective may be required to get you back on track.

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